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Wonder Woman Pjs [Sep. 8th, 2011|05:41 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat
[Current Mood |awake]

Hi everyone!

Not been here for ages and I come with a huge favor to ask. Primark currently have Wonder Woman shorts pajamas in and I totally miss out on my size.

So if anyone is in a branch in the next week or two, and there are any in a XL or L could you please pick me up a pair? I'll of course refund the money and pay for postage.

I will be most thankful!

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Cushion maker needed [Sep. 4th, 2011|09:40 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

[Current Location |United Kingdom, England,County of Kent, Fordwich]

I'm in need of a seamstress (if that the right word?) aka a super savvy sewing machine specialist to make some cushion covers for me.

Basic details: looking to get at least 4 cushion covers made in custom fabric (which I'm gonna design and get made) the covers will need to fit cushions 50x50cm or 40x60cm (depending on the designs) covers will need zips

If this is something you think you can do, please let me know!

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Recycle your plastic bottle tops at Lush [Aug. 12th, 2011|10:19 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

Lush have recently launched a recycling scheme where they are calling on customers and members of the public to drop off their plastic bottle tops at Lush stores. This waste plastic, which most councils won't take for recycling, will then be recycled by Lush and turned into their black pots. This is a fantastic initiative and one which will help to reduce waste plastic being eaten by sea birds, ending up on our beaches and in our already over stuffed landfills.

You can read more about it here: http://www.lush.co.uk/articles/our-ethical-campaigns/shop-of-the-tops_100-10292_10.html

I don't work for Lush etc, just think this is a good idea!
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Blogging! [Aug. 7th, 2011|08:13 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

I've just started a blog: Twenty Something OAP and I'm looking for other blogs to read (preferably using the blogspot thingy!) and add to my list. Of course, I would be grateful if people would add mine in return! Leave a comment and a link to your blogs, any subject matter, any format, I'm just very nosy!
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Pocket mirrors [Aug. 2nd, 2011|10:07 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

[Current Location |United Kingdom, England,County of Kent, Sturry]

Hey hey

I remember a couple of years back there was someone who made pocket mirrors with your designs. Anyone know who it was, or does anyone do it? or know where I can get pocket mirrors with each design different, and perhaps badges too (like the moo cards of badges and mirrors)

Also, I'm gonna be at the Lady Luck Sunday social in Canterbury on Sunday, selling my wares. So come say hi :)

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Massive discount in my shop.... [Jul. 15th, 2011|10:25 am]
thriftstoreuk chat

Thought I'd let you guys know about the massive discount in my shop FOR TODAY ONLY (15/07/2011), this offer will expire at midnight tonight!

Using code FORTY at checkout over at Lou Makes gets you a massive 40% off! But remember it's only for today only!

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TSUK etiquette [Jun. 17th, 2011|06:55 am]
thriftstoreuk chat


Can someone please give me a little insight into the etiquette of replying to your own selling posts please? If someone comments with a questions about the item, and then someone comments straight after them with a dibs, who gets the item?

I have answered the first person's question now, but should I ask her if she's interested, or should dibs go to the first person to say dibs?

I got this wrong over on another selling blog once, and the person who asked the question was really upset that I just let the dibser have the item - argh!

All advice greatly appreciated! xx
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2011|11:11 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

any topshop voucher codes or coupons anyone wants to sell/send me?
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Ebay rants! [May. 20th, 2011|07:19 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

Urgh I am off ebay for life! I miss when it actually used to be decent!

I bought some 'row B' tickets the other day, to find that they're row bb and at the back of the theatre when they arrived. I'm getting a refund for those, but still, it's a lot of hassle sending them back and badgering her for my refund ffs. And she was blatantly trying to pull a fast one because they were way over face value and advertised as right at the front.

Sold a dress and 2 pairs of shoes on there this week. The girl who bought the dress bought it on Tuesday evening. She's sent me an email today hassling me for it wanting to know where it is... 3 days! I've waited a lot longer for stuff, I wouldn't dream of asking a seller where it was unless it had been at least 7-8 days. I've actually posted it out today but haven't responded to her to see if she gets even more stressed and tries opening a case against me or something so she can see that it's way too early and even ebay thinks she's a bell end.

Someone bought my shoes THEN asked if I'd ship them to Bulgaria. I said no, turns out she lives in the UK so can have them delivered here anyway, but fancied having them posted to her halfway through her holiday.

Someone bought the other pair of shoes, paid for them at 1.58am, then sent me an email asking me to send them special delivery the next morning at 2am. Needless to say, I didn't get the email til after I got home from work and she's pissy at me that I didn't get them out to her because now they'll be late for her friend's birthday. I actually give up! What are people?!

Tell me your ebay woes! I can't  believe I've encountered all of these people in a matter of days.
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