Wider Sky of Blue (widerskyofblue) wrote in tsuk_chat,
Wider Sky of Blue

how long to keep make up?

I am looking to get rid of some make up.

I have some Barry M eye glitter/shadow pot things, that I never used I've had them for a few years. I know some make up goes "off", but I still use these from time to time but not very often. Would it be ok to sell them on, or would that  be a bit cheeky.
Thanks!! x
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I wouldn't sell on used mascara-they tend to get bacteria in them within 6 months of use (from what I've been told). But, other eye make-up should be ok since you can sterilise them. Some items just smell "off" when they aren't usable. And, MAC lipsticks should smell of vanilla-if not, they are probably no good.