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Ebook [Apr. 12th, 2014|05:56 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

Cheeky post I know, but I've started writing an ebook series on Women in History and the first volume is available on Amazon! It's available for the Kindle here - http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00ILW2SSQ

If you buy it and read it I'd really appreciate a review (to be even more cheeky).

It even has a Facebook page that I made for it :D https://www.facebook.com/30WomeninHistory

I'm currently working on volume 2, which is why I'm procrastinating on LJ XD
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Alternative contact? [Aug. 20th, 2013|10:58 am]
thriftstoreuk chat


Does anyone know if there's a new/alternative contact address for the thriftstoreuk mods aside from the email on the profile, as I think it may be an old/un-monitored address and I need to get in contact with them.

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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2013|07:26 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

Hey guys. I was wondering if there are any other selling/trading communities, preferably for peeps within the UK but any comms with good/reliable feedback are cool.

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Grey Lace Fabric [Apr. 11th, 2013|06:55 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat


I hope someone can help me. I'm getting married later on this year, and have my nan making my wedding dress. I have my pattern and everything but the one thing I'm struggling to find is some Grey lace. I have looked on ebay, etsy etc, but can't find big enough quantities or many I like.

Can anyone recommend somewhere please? I'm not looking to spend a fortune, as we're trying to save money with my nan doing it.

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Following on from the post below, offers at my etsy shop! [Dec. 17th, 2012|12:12 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

Use the code TLL50 at www.etsy.com/Shop/HomeIsWhereIWantToBe and get 50% off all orders!

All items come gift boxed:

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Jewellery Gifts... [Dec. 15th, 2012|09:08 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

Jewellery for last-minute gifts?

Banana necklace by flonightingale 1 Heart Rate Monitor necklace by flonightingale  Snakes and Ladders necklace by flonightingale 5
Crane necklace by flonightingale 4 Silver Carousel Horse necklace by flonightingale 4 Wishbone necklace by flonightingale


Happy to gift-wrap/add a card/send direct etc.

Last posting date for Christmas delivery in the UK is Thursday 20th December - any orders received until midnight on Wednesday 19th will be posted on Thursday.

TSUKers receive 25% discount by using coupon code TSUK25 at checkout.

(cross posted, apologies if you see this twice)
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sewing machine advice [Oct. 30th, 2012|06:32 am]
thriftstoreuk chat

I'm thinking of buying a sewing machine and was wondering if anyone here had any advice about what kind of machine to pick. I'm a beginner and looking to use it for small projects, general household/clothes repairs. I've been scouring sewing books and sewing related websites so think I'm beginning to get a pretty good sense of what I need... 

But one thing I'm not sure abbout is whether to opt for a mechanical machine or an electronic one. Anyone here have any thoughts on this? what are the pros and cons of each?

Any other things I might want to think about would be welcome too!
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Jewellery! [Oct. 27th, 2012|07:06 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat

A flash weekend sale with 50% off anything in my Etsy shop:

Screen shot 2012-10-27 at 19.01.28

Use coupon code LJSPECIAL for 50% off at checkout!
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how long to keep make up? [Sep. 1st, 2012|11:56 am]
thriftstoreuk chat

I am looking to get rid of some make up.

I have some Barry M eye glitter/shadow pot things, that I never used I've had them for a few years. I know some make up goes "off", but I still use these from time to time but not very often. Would it be ok to sell them on, or would that  be a bit cheeky.
Thanks!! x
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Please like our page! [Feb. 11th, 2012|02:24 pm]
thriftstoreuk chat


Hey ladies, I edit a magazine called Retro Magazine and our Facebook page is looking a bit lonely, so I'd be really grateful if you could head over and like us!


And if any of you could mention us in a post and ask your friends to like us too then oh my gosh I would be so happy! All my work for the magazine is done for love, so I can't offer you any financial incentive but if you have a business page I could give you a shout out from the Retro page - just let me know!

Thank you lovelies

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